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We are DKS

Direct Kinetic Solutions envisions becoming the power solution for future generations.

What we do

Our team is dedicated to develop, manufacture, and trade Persistent Power Sources (RPS).

These devices harness the high energy density of beta-emitting isotopes and utilize their continuous, and steady emission of energy to generate current that can be utilized to directly power devices, charge chemical batteries, or work as complements to other power sources, such as solar.

Our Team

Ekhi Muniategui.png

Ekhi Muniategui


Experience in the manufacturing, commercialization, and development of semiconductors and components for IoT industries.

Marc Litz2.png

Dr. Marc Litz


Physicist in the Energy Sciences Division of the Army Research Laboratory. Expert in radioisotope power sources, and the study of advanced energetics utilizing nuclear materials.

Justin Cho photo (1).png

Justin Cho

Product Development Engineer

Engineering consultant with expertise in Mechanics, Nuclear Engineering, Robotics, Military Technology, and Artificial Intelligence. Former military technology engineer.


Joanna Patsalis


Expert on global supply chain operations, and has led development and optimization projects in various industries.


Dr. Brenda Smith

Product Development Scientist

Former Oakridge National Labs Chemistry scientist with experience in synthetic chemistry, radiochemistry, applied science, chemical processing, and energy converter systems, among others.

Johnny Russo.png

Johnny Russo

Nuclear Engineer

Former nuclear engineer at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, with extensive work on quantum mechanics and direct beta emitting direct conversion radioisotopic power sources.

Our Advisory Board

Ricardo Rodriguez.jpg

Ricardo Rodriguez


CFO at Aspen Aerogels


Brad Jenkins.jpg

Brad Jenkins


Co-founder & Managing Director at
Seed Round Capital

David Scott.png

David Scott

DoD Relationships & Contracting

Managing Director at OCEAN Accelerator Techlink

Austin Hill.jpg

Austin Hill


Co-founder & Managing Director at

Seed Round Capital

Daniel Dubris.jpg

Daniel Dubois


Co-founder & President at Key

30 under 30, Airbnb

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