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John Delay

DoD Advisor

John Delay.png

Senior Scientist, and Advanced Concept Engineer with expertise in Geospatial and Commercial Space systems and solutions for govermental and commercial projects.

John Delay is a subject matter expert in Geospatial and Commercial Space systems and has supported classified programs for US Government agencies.  He was a senior scientist and Advanced Concept Engineer for Geospatial Solutions within L3 Harris Technology’s Space and Intelligence business segment.

His experience encompasses integrated processing systems and analytics, government geospatial systems and IntelliEarth™ commercial geospatial solutions businesses.

Delay previously led L3Harris’ geospatial platform implementation to support commercial intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance in geospatial missions.  He has a deep knowledge of both governmental proprietary and commercial space systems, bringing valuable insight to DKS as we navigate the path to commercialization of our radioisotopic solution.

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