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DKS sets a strong presence at Fed Supernova 2023

We showcased collaboration capabilities for dual-use energy solutions with our entire team present at this event, hosted by Capital Factory in Austin. Our goal was to promote our innovation and advance the process of putting our commercial technology in the hands of the DoD.

Our company has assembled a scientific and executive team with impressive skill sets and a great passion for working with ingenuity. Together, we are committed to creating a highly innovative solution for the future of nuclear energy.

From left to right: Ekhi Muniategui, CEO; Joanna Patsalis, COO; Brenda Smith, Product Development Scientist; William Ray, Electrical Engineer.

Partnering with TechLink at Capital Factory

Our sponsorship of the Signature Breakfast and Round Table Sessions brought attendees a strong message about the tech transfer process by educating the audience about how our journey has evidenced opportunities to collaborate and enhance the use of other defense technologies in development.

The Tech Transfer Roundtable allowed an open conversation about how DKS has leveraged tech transfer as an innovation path in the journey to commercialization.

Attendees participated to provide insight into the process of tech transfer and how science becomes a product in the spectrum of defense technologies in development.

We shared details about our technology solution, the R&D story, and milestones of our business development and scientific team as we discussed the vision of persistent power sources in the commercial field.

The Signature VIP Breakfast Event was exclusive to Backstage participants, congregating elite industry leaders in the defense innovation ecosystem to network and exchange innovative ideas.

Our partnership with TechLink is a great collaboration that allows us to converge and accelerate the tech transfer process in the development of a clean energy technology that empowers defense innovation.

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About TeckLink

TechLink is the authorized, nationally focused technology transfer partnership intermediary for the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

TechLink is committed to guiding the tech transfer process of innovative technological companies, leading their path to accessing DoD technologies and turning them into revolutionary products, like the Direct Kinetics' persistent power source.

About Direct Kinetic Solutions

DKS technology empowers the development of new technologies and applications for defense innovation, and it is proud to be part of Fed Supernova as part of the companies collaborating on dual-use solutions that put commercial technology in the hands of the DoD.

At Direct Kinetics Solutions (DKS), we are working to revolutionize compact power and electronic devices. Our company develops, manufactures, and sells Persistent Power Sources (PPS). These devices harness the high energy density of beta-emitting isotopes and utilize their continuous and steady energy emission to generate current that can directly power devices, charge batteries, or work as a complement to other power sources. Direct Kinetic Solutions envisions becoming the power solution for future generations.

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