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A Summit of Insightful Round Table Conversations

Our 2023 Summit was a grand success in congregating the most brilliant and visionary minds around the subject of advancing the DKS technology to commercialization.

Here are some of the most notable remarks from roundtable conversations that took place on May 4, 2023:


Army Research Laboratory



"DKS is most likely one of the first companies to IPO, and en route to launch a path to commercialization"

An insightful conversation took place between Dr. Marc Litz, ARL Crada Liason with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, and David Scott with TechLink. David Scott, who has been following the company over the years and via Techlink supported on technology transfer from ARL, mentioned: "DKS is most likely one of the first companies coming out of a Federal government program (FedTech) to IPO, and en route to launch a path to commercialization". Dr. Marc Litz, ARL CRADA Liaison, comments: "There is a need for urgency to accelerate the technology!" There have been many challenges to bringing the ideas and research efforts of national laboratories into the real world. Tech startups such as DKS make this a possibility. The DoD recognizes the importance of this technology to being incorporated into day-to-day operations and becoming a product. DKS + DoD's partnership has made it possible to take research into a tangible product. The company has worked hard to overcome the limitations of materials and initial application sets, helping lab researchers and product developers to be aware of the obstacles that will take this innovation to commercialization.


DKS Engineering Team


"We are about printing power sources on demand, scaling, and automating the performance of persistent power sources."

Dr. Brenda Smith, our product development scientist with an extensive background in radiological research and testing technologies, and Dr. Johnny Russo, our nuclear engineer with broad experience in EM shielding, radiation sensors, energy harvesting, and radioisotope power sources (RPSs) discussed the advantages and vision for DKS in product development. Dr. Smith shared with the audience about the benefits of our recently established independent DKS Rad Lab facility. She said, "We have the equipment and capability to get real-time data from the testing, making it possible to control the development and assembly of the product." Dr. Russo expressed his excitement and confidence in the capabilities to scale up production, mainly because of the automation features of the technology and how our methods differentiate from the competition.


U.S. Air Force


"When solar is not the solution!"

Our customer roundtable featured our guest panelist from the United States Air Force, Charles Poole, who shared his perspective on the extraordinary benefits of radioisotopic power and its application to GPS devices. Due to the work developed by DKS, there will be increased efficiency in operations. "I've been nothing but impressed," he says. Also in our panel joined Meade Lewis, CEO of mIQroTech. He shares the unrivaled solution that DKS' power sources provide for the company's land base operations. "There is nothing like this out there! With this technology you can dominate the market", he remarks. Through the partnership with Mitsubishi, many more solutions are in the way to define the application of persistent power that DKS provides. For this reason, the DKS power source application is being prototyped for land base pipelines to solve operational challenges in subsea or austere temperature conditions. Just for the pipeline monitoring application, we are looking for 2 million devices alone.


DKS's vision is to be the power solution of choice. We know that our technology will revolutionize the world of power. We can make better devices and support the efforts of decarbonization. We are making a conscientious effort to get the materials that work and provide a profitable technology. We are looking into fast integrations and fast-tracking certification for all suppliers. The next level is to manufacture for all the demand out there and get en route to commercialization at a larger scale.

We are pleased with the committed participation of our supporters and peers in the initiative to advance radioisotopic power solutions.

During the Summit, we announced opening up a Seed Round of funding and how this will accelerate the company's growth. As of now, we have $1M committed and we are actively looking for investors. If you are interested in learning more or would like to make an introduction please reach out.

This event evidenced the dedicated efforts of our team, customers, and partners in taking DKS to the next level: We are truly thankful for those who participated in the conversation, and appreciate your follow.


About Direct Kinetic Solutions

Direct Kinetic Solutions envisions becoming the power solution for future generations. The company develops, manufactures, and sells Persistent Power Sources (PPS). These devices harness the high energy density of beta-emitting isotopes and utilize their continuous, and steady emission of energy to generate current that can be utilized to directly power devices, charge chemical batteries, or work as complements to other power sources, such as solar.

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