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Winners of Paris Space Week 2021

Direct Kinetic Solutions was announced as the winner of Paris Space Week (PSW) Innovation Challenge that took place virtually on March 9th, 2021. It was an amazing experience and an honor to present among so many innovative and unique companies that share the same passion for Space.

A big thank you to the PSW organizers and all the people and companies who participated.

Find the official announcement here.


About Direct Kinetic Solutions

Direct Kinetic Solutions envisions becoming the power solution for future generations. The company develops, manufactures, and sells Persistent Power Sources (RPS). These devices harness the high energy density of beta-emitting isotopes and utilize their continuous, and steady emission of energy to generate current that can be utilized to directly power devices, charge chemical batteries, or work as complements to other power sources, such as solar.

For more information, please visit

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