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DKS Awarded Funds to enhance mission-critical sensors by applying its Persistent Power Sources

Direct Kinetic Solutions (DKS) is excited to announce its award with the National Security Innovation Capital (NSIC).

The company is looking to extend the usability and life expectancy of portable electronic devices by applying its power source technology. This will increase the transmission events and power the device while in idle states without punishing the equipment’s battery, which as a result extends the functional and shelf life of the devices. DKS’s ultimate goal is to make the technology mainstream, and enable your devices to go from a couple of days of use with a single charge to a couple of weeks.

NSIC is a Department of Defense (DoD) initiative that focuses on funding critical technologies with dual-use. NSIC supports the development of next-generation hardware technologies for application to connected mobile and edge systems that support distributed operations in land, sea, air, and space domains.

The NSIC / DKS effort will focus on novel energy sources and conversion devices beyond lithium-ion that make energy distribution efficient.

The funding from this award is to achieve a Technology Readiness Level 9 for Persistent Power Sources (PPS). DKS has ample experience with the design and development of PPS, and this partnership will provide an opportunity to enable the technology to power commercially available sensors, obtain usable readings, and demonstrate the technology’s viability and ample applications.

For the duration of this contract, DKS will develop a variety of Persistent Power Source prototypes. Such initiative will allow DKS to expand its product line, and to have the capability of reliably producing power sources at scale for different power requirements.


About Direct Kinetic Solutions

Direct Kinetic Solutions envisions becoming the power solution for future generations. The company develops, manufactures, and sells Persistent Power Sources (PPS). These devices harness the high energy density of beta-emitting isotopes and utilize their continuous, and steady emission of energy to generate current that can be utilized to directly power devices, charge chemical batteries, or work as complements to other power sources, such as solar.

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