A power solution in a category of its own.

Continuous, radioisotopic power

A superior lithium alternative

With virtually unlimited power in a singular design, the DKS radioisotopic battery solution offers an unprecedented, technological offering — an ultra-light power solution that lasts for decades and goes far beyond current market offerings, including the near-ubiquitous lithium ion battery.


It's been specifically designed to power unique technological projects related to CubeSats, IoT sensors with varied uses like asset tracking, and communications systems components.

Making the impossible, possible.

Land, Sea, Sky

Limitless missions

By harnessing long-term radioisotopic power, DKS has increased operational battery efficiency by improving maintenance, size and weight — this opens up an array of previously impossible applications .


Radioisotopic power can take industries into countless regions across the globe, no matter the environment.


DKS is the only company offering this valuable power source of continuous power, virtually anywhere.


A next-gen solution on the horizon.

New levels of efficiency

Reduced battery weight

The key to uninterrupted power is beta-emitting radioisotope power, allowing for reduced hardware weight and far better efficiency than standard battery devices. 

Batteries based on beta- emitting isotopic power sources can provide uninterrupted power over extended periods relative to traditional batteries, despite their tiny size of a single cubic centimetre of volume.

DKS Diagrams.jpg

How it works:

  • Electrical power is produced through an arrangement of p-n junctions, sandwiched by beta emitters

  • B-rays create electron-hole pairs in the surrounding semiconductors

  • The current is generated as internal electric fields of the semiconductor pull out the free-charge

Quick description

Quick description

Cube Sats

Small mass

Long lasting

DKS can replace traditional lithium battery power in small satellites with reliable, long-lasting isotopic batteries — all while freeing up space for ISR payloads and reducing mass budget allocated for power systems.

Asset Tracking

Reliable technology

Operational efficiency

Track assets for decades, with one DKS power solution. Increase efficiency, minimize

maintenance, optimize your logistics, and track reliably.


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