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Nestoras Patsalis

Engineering Intern

Mechanical Engineering BE, Stony Brook University, May 2024.

Nestoras Patsalis.png

Mechanical Engineer with a background in technical design and a talent for creative thinking.

Before DKS, Nestoras Patsalis was completing his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Stony Brook University in Long Island, New York. Nestoras brings an exciting combination of engineering technical knowledge and creative thinking.

Throughout his undergraduate studies, he participated in a variety of engineering projects, including designing a Mars Rover and its CAD, a system controller, heat and mass transfer analysis projects, and an automated dip-coating mechanism.

He also participated in internships in different fields, such as wastewater management, accounting and finance, and genetic services provision.

Nestoras' diverse background, combined with his early career experience, makes him a valuable addition to the DKS engineering team.

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